Japan Trip – Enoshima

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May 21 (Friday)

Today my friend N took a day off and we went to Enoshima.
I used to go there often when was a child. Last time I went there was about 16 years ago.

We met at Kamakura station and took train called “Enoden” to Enoshima Station.

江ノ電  江ノ島駅

It was sunny and hot, almost 30 degrees.
江の島弁天橋 Enoshima Benten Bridge

青銅の鳥居 Blue bronze gate (built in 1821)

Place hasn’t changed much since I last visited. I remember that there were a lot of shops on either side of the hill on the way to the shrine and the street was always crowded with people. It was early morning so there were not many people around. I thought the street seemed cleaner than before.

瑞心門 the entrance of the shrine.

When we went up the stairs and arrived at Zuishin gate. There were two paintings of lions by Kayo Kataoka. In front of the gate there were statues of Benzaiten and Doshi.
Benzaiten is the goddess of music and entertainment.
Enoshima-jinja Shrine consists of three shrines.


辺津宮  江島神社辺津宮 Enoshima Shrine Hetsuno-miya

We prayed and we bought written fortunes. The fortunes we both drew predicted very little good luck. We bundled them on a tree and left Hetsuno-miya.
After going through the little garden, we came upon a beautiful ocean view. A lot of birds (Tobi – kite) were flying about.

We arrived up Nakatsuno-miya. The escalators (surcharge) are also available.
Samuel Cocking Garden has a lighthouse. We didn’t go inside.
The entrance fee is 200 yen and the lighthouse is 300 yen.

 Souvenir shops.
江島神社奥津宮 Enoshima Shrine Okutsuno-miya
In the bathroom, I washed my hands with the water coming out of the dragon’s mouth.
My friend N saw a lot of turtles rendered as paintings, statues and objects.

龍宮 龍宮大神 Wadatsuminomiya
The stone hut was closed.

We were getting hungry so we decided to go to Uomitei Restaurant, located on the highest spot on the hill. They had fresh caught Shirasu (baby sardines) from the bay. Shirasu is a kind of baby sardine or anchovy. From January to March fishing Shirasu is not allowed.
Uomitei is a long-established Restaurant in Enoshima.

しらす丼 江の島丼
I had choice between raw or steamed fish and I chose the raw Shirasu don (fish on rice). The fish was a little bit bitter. The steamed one would be sweeter.
My Friend chose the Enoshima don. The dish is made with egg and turban with sweet sauce on top of rice. Both dishes were 890 yen each.

The terrace was narrow but the view was great. We could see the Pacific Ocean clearly.

We felt good just sitting there.
After dinner, we went down the steep stairs to the sea.

That ocean was pretty clean.
There was a cave that was closed from 1971 until 1993. The place is well known as it appears in a Hiroshige Utagawa picture. Admission fee: Adults 500 yen and Children 200 yen.

The inside of the cave was cool. It was nice to get out of the heat.
Had there been no clouds, we could have seen Mount Fuji from the cave. There were many short stone statues in the cave.
Inside the cave, we found a plaque that explained the story of Enoshima. A heavenly maiden and a dragon with five heads. The evil dragon with 5 heads tormented the villagers. One day a heavenly maiden appeared to the island. The dragon fell in love with her. In the end the dragon changed his ways and married the maiden.

This explains why I had seen so many dragon objects everywhere in Enoshima.

洞窟  龍

We had a good time in Enoshima. There are many more places to see. I would like to visit again.

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